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Case Study —
3 Phases and Fetzer Vineyards

3 Phases Renewables:
A California based, registered Energy Service Provider
highlights the following energy solution:

  • Fetzer Vineyards is an environmentally and socially conscious grower
    and producer of wines in Mendocino, California, one of the largest in the
    area and the largest certified organic grower on the North Coast, operational since 1968. (Since 2001, Fetzer has been the only winery to be 100 percent powered by renewable energy.)
  • In October 2006, Fetzer, working with their ESP, 3 Phases, commissioned
    a high efficiency 901 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array developed by
    3 Phases and financed by a third party, MMA Renewable Ventures.
  • The photovoltaic array provides 80 percent of the bottling plant’s
    electricity needs.
  • Green Certificates help Fetzer make efficient use of the associated renewable energy certificates to lower their green energy costs.
  • Remaining energy needs supplied by 3 Phases through a 100 percent
    green direct access contract.
Environmental Benefits:
  • Produces 1.15 million kW/yremission free power
  • Prevents 960,000 lbs of CO2emissions/yr
  • Equivalent to removing 80 carsfrom road or planting
    130 acres of trees

Economic Benefits:
  • Saves Fetzer money by producingduring peak periods
  • Provides a long-term hedgeagainst rising energy costs
  • Provides enhanced product value for consumers concerned
    about environmental issues
Contact 3 Phases Renewables:
Phone: (310) 939-1283
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