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"It has been critical for us to have access to competitive suppliers. We have campuses throughout the state, connected to all three of the state's investor owned utilities. Our Energy Service Provider (ESP) offers diversity of energy supply resources enabling CSU to meet our renewable energy goals ahead of current public policy requirements.

Direct Access has afforded CSU a portfolio of energy supply options and cost certainty not available from the utilities. CSU's participation in DA over the past eight years has generated over $30 million in avoided costs. We hope that all schools and government agencies will soon have these important options."

            — Len Pettis, Chief of Plant Energy and Utilities, California State University

"California's retail business owners overwhelmingly support a return to customer choice as a means to energy management. Choice, or direct access as it is referred to, provides innovation and management opportunities that will translate into lower costs for goods. The problem today is that some retailers have it, but because of the suspension, others who want to exercise choice can't have access to the same benefits. Allowing all retailers to have the same low cost electricity options is a matter of commercial fairness."

            — Bill Dombrowski, President, California Retailers' Association


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